3 reasons to strength train

Strength training is important to increase the overall health in people of all ages and fitness levels. It may seem tough and make you tired in the beginning, but the benefits will outweight the costs!


  • Pain free with a better posture

A great benefit that you will get from a full-body strength training routine is that you will improve your posture and protect your joints. This is important especially in our time, when many jobs require you to sit on a chair in front of a computer for the whole work day: this physical inactivity can easily lead to back pain and more severe conditions that can limit what you can do in your everyday life. By training your strength, you will create a stronger and bigger muscle mass that can help you maintain a correct posture at all times.


  • Strong and healthy bones

Strength will make your bones stronger, which is important to prevent fractures especially when you grow older. With regular strength training you can improve the strength of your bones by improving or maintaining your bone density, while physical inactivity will lead to bone loss. Continued training will maintain the positive effects and reduce bone fragility fractures that are connected with osteoporosis in old age (1). In addition, there are benefits to your balance and coordination that are very important to prevent falls, which are the main cause of osteoporosis related fractures.


  • Attractive fat loss

Lifting weights will make you burn more calories than you would think: according to an exercise list published by Harvard medical school, a beginner-level strength training session of only 30 minutes burns an average of 90 calories for a 56 kg person, 112 kg for a 70 kg person and 133 calories for a 83 kg person. In addition, you will burn more calories also when you’re not training once you’ve developed some muscle mass since your body requires more energy (=calories) to use and maintain muscle cells than fat cells (2).

So, once you’ve started, this will make you lose more weight than only focusing on a diet. When you cut on calories for a diet, your body will use fat as energy but it will also break down muscles for fuel and this is not what you want to achieve. Instead when you combine your calorie restricted diet with strength training you will help your body build and maintain muscle mass while you’re still losing excess fat.

What are you waiting for? Start training today!


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